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How To Boil The Perfect Fresh Egg

Do you peel chunks away while trying to peel your farm fresh boiled eggs?  Well, you are in luck!
This tip I'm about to share may very well save you from throwing your half peeled eggs into the compost pile or trash.

You don't have to wait a week or two to let your fresh eggs age before boiling them, with this method, you can gather eggs from the nest and have them boiled perfectly and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes.

Here's how:

Using a push pin and a meat mallet, lightly tap a hole into the fat bottom of the shell.  Do NOT tap hard, this only takes the most gentle tap you can possibly make.  You don't want to push the pin hole all the way through to the membrane.
 By putting a hole in the shell, you are allowing an air pocket to form, which in turn allows the membrane to easily separate from the shell after it has been boiled and makes the peeling process so much easier.

 Start off with your water boiling in the pot, using a strainer, gently put the eggs into the boiling water, turn the heat down to a gentle boil, which is about medium on my stove. Let them boil for 10 minutes - prepare an ice water bath while they're boiling.

Then after 10 minutes, transfer them to the ice bath for 10 minutes. Roll them on the counter to crack, stick your thumb nail into the fat bottom where you poked the hole. There should be an air pocket there that you can get your finger into to allow you to peel the shell off easily.

Throw those shells in the compost bin and enjoy your delicious egg!

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