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Valentine's Day Heart Garland Template

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I thought I'd share how I made my felt heart garland here on my little space.  
These hearts are simple to make, and very cute hung on a mantel.  If you need a template, I've included one to print at the bottom of this post.

* * *
Here's what you'll need:
Sheets of felt in the colors that you like, I chose red and white. (these can be found in any craft store)
Matching thread & a needle
Embroidery floss
Two buttons in coordinating colors
Batting or pillow fluff (as I call it)

Here's what you'll do:

The directions are very simple; each finished heart will have two large hearts and one small heart.  

For 6 hearts, you will need to cut out 12 large hearts and 6 small hearts.  My garland has six hearts, but you can use as many as you'd like to have.
Begin by placing the smaller coordinating colored heart in the center of one of the larger hearts and hand sew them together, repeat this process with the remaining five hearts.  Next, sew the larger heart that will become the back of the hearts you've already sewn together, making sure to leave enough space to "stuff" your heart with the batting before sewing them completely together.  I'll be honest here, the day I decided to make these hearts, I didn't have batting or pillow fluff.  My hearts have tissue crumpled up inside them.  :)  Use whatever you have on hand that will work to make a little heart pillow.  Repeat with the remaining five hearts.

After stitching and stuffing all six hearts, you're ready to string them up on the embroidery floss.  I suggest measuring your mantel to see how long to cut your floss.  

Photo taken with my phone
 I wanted these hearts to look homemade and sort of primitive, so I didn't fuss too much while I stitched these up, and I am by no means a seamstress - at all.
After stringing the hearts on the floss, add a matching button to each end of the floss.  This will keep your hearts from sliding off the floss.

Print your Valentine's Heart Garland template HERE

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