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Money Saving DIY Homemade Fabric Softener

Today, I thought I'd share the recipe I use to make homemade fabric softener.  I was skeptical about using this recipe at first, I mean, how in the world could this stuff work?  I've been known to be a laundry detergent and fabric softener snob my whole adult life.  If it wasn't a certain name brand, I would pass by it in the detergent isle like I was running a race, never giving it a second glance.  I always had my eyes fixated on the one I used - the one my mother had always used when I lived at home.  Now, after making a batch for my mom, this recipe is what she uses!  She even uses my laundry detergent recipe now and says she will never go back to throwing money away using that brand name stuff again!

 * * *

 * * *

Here's what you'll need:
6 cups of hot water (not boiling, just hot)
3 cups of white vinegar
2 cups of  lavender conditioner
4 drops of lavender essential oil

 * * *
Here's what you'll do:

Mix conditioner and water together, stir until the conditioner is dissolved.

 * * *
Add the vinegar and lavender essential oil, mix well.
* * *
* * * 
Store your fabric softener in an old fabric softener container. 
 Use the amount you normally would if you were using commercial brand softener.
* I always give my container a gentle shake to stir it up before adding it to my load.
Remember, this softener doesn't have all the chemicals that brand name softeners contain.  It will be a little thinner than you are used to, so don't panic when you pour it thinking that something went wrong.  And don't worry about the vinegar smell.  You can't smell it in your clothes.  It rinses clean and your clothes come out feeling and smelling so fresh and clean!
* * *

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Would you like more information about the Lavender Essential Oil I use? 
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