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DIY Dollar Store Hurricane Candle Holder Hack

I love crafting and I love making crafts that are cheap.  I especially love to make crafts that look similar to their very expensive look-a-likes.   I saw a hurricane candle holder very similar to this one on a big name website that was quite expensive.  

This one only cost me $4 to make.  I found everything I needed to make it from a dollar store.  I even found the bag of stones at the same dollar store.  All four items were a $1 each.  I already had the hot glue gun and glue on hand.

It was so easy to make, there's no explanation needed.
I like to replace the stones to create different looks.  You could use coffee beans, sand, gumballs, artificial leaves, marbles, or sea glass.  The possibilities are endless.  Just be careful to not light the candle with some of these items.  For decoration only!

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