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Making It Match (Sorta)

Several years ago, I drew out a design and measurements of a coffee table that I wanted my Hunny and I to make.  It was for an awkward space in our great room.  A lot of you from my old place 'Life on our Mountain', will probably remember this table project.  The way this room is set up, it doesn't leave a lot of choices for furniture placement.  We've tried every placement you could think of, but this one is the one that works and flows, and since the room is about 25' long, it needs balance on both sides.  One whole wall is windows and doors for the beautiful view we have, another wall is a fireplace and bookcase wall.  The two side walls on either side of the room is where the sofa and loveseat are placed.  It's very open and has 5 doors that are heavily used.  This empty space needed something that could be used as a foot prop, a book and plant holder, as well as enduring many cups of coffee that it would undoubtedly be used for.  
This table worked wonderfully for years, until we acquired a set of light creamy white cottage style tables.  See my dilemma? That black table with the walnut stained top was throwing the entire room off with the new lighter furniture added.  Believe it or not, this table remained like this for months, until one day I just decided to go for it.

I went to buy paint on a whim without even taking anything to try to match the paint I was about to have mixed.  I just 'eyeballed' it and I was pleasantly surprised at how close of a match the paint was.  

I sanded it lightly, because it looked as if the cottage tables were scuffed a bit (on purpose) and had black paint underneath showing through.  So I wanted to try to achieve this same or similar look.

 After three coats of paint, lightly sanding in between each coat, I was ready to scuff it up a bit to match my newer tables.

After sanding the creamy white off in different areas, allowing some of the black to show through, I stained the top of it a nice oak that my brother happened to have that was surprisingly close to the oak tops of the cottage tables.  Win!

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